India campaign in T20 World Cup 2021

India Campaign in T 20 World Cup 2021

World Cup T 20 2021

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Yes, we can read it right as the India campaign in T 20 World Cup 2021 is over as New Zealand won against Afghanistan on 07/11/2021. But, it is the only reason that we are out of this tournament. No, there are so many reasons why the Indian team did not reach the semi-final. The India campaign starts against Pakistan and ends against New Zealand. The Indian team lost two important matches in their group.

Here in this article, we can see the reasons why the Indian team did not perform well in the T20 World Cup 2021 and why the India campaign in T20 World Cup 2021 is over too early. Many Cricket Pandits did not believe that one of the best World Cup-winning teams out of the tournament is so early and did not enter the semi-final also.

Factors why Team India campaign is over in T20 World Cup 2021:

1. Toss Loss:

Toss plays an important role in night matches. We can see the team who won the toss and field first always win the matches in UAE. But the luck is not with Kohli this time and every time Kohli loses the toss and bat first. And this was one of the main reasons why the Indian team did not win a match. Toss always plays a crucial role in T20.

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2. Terrible Selections:

Before the start of ICC T20 World Cup 2021, IPL also played there in September and October and we can see that all players perform well there. In IPL, they played against the same players, same opponent, same location and one would have assumed that Team India should have picked all the best players that performed well in IPL. All batsmen played against the best bowlers in the world except Pakistani bowlers.

They did not select Shikhar Dhawan and Yuzvendra Chahal and everyone said that these two players definitely be a part of this World Cup T 20 2021. Almost every team goes with a leg spinner and they are part of playing 11. But the Indian team did not go with leg spinner and this is the major loss in this World Cup T20 2021.

3. A Lack Of Energy:

Teams like Pakistan and England did not play so much cricket before the ICC T 20 World Cup 2021 and are fresh when this high voltage tournament starts. On the other side the Indian team playing non-stop cricket which can make a difference here.

Many English players did not play IPL and they are on rest mode before the start of the tournament while no Indian players take rest and they want to earn more money from IPL. And we can see our bowlers like Bumrah and Shami did not perform well when they need the most.

The Scoring rate in powerplay against Pakistan and New Zealand was less than 50 and India lost almost their 3 wickets in powerplay also.

4. Lost against Pakistan:

India first match against Pakistan and in ICC Tournament T20 and in World Cup, India never loss against Pakistan. But this time History is created and Pakistan won against India in T 20 World Cup. This was the major loss for Team India and after this loss, the Indian team never come back again.

A 10 wicket loss is the major blow and the Indian team never thought that they did not take any wicket against Pakistan in this T20 World Cup. Kohli made runs in this match but the openers and the bowlers did not perform well and the Indian team lost the opening match in this tournament.

India Campaign in T20 World Cup: Lost against Pakistan

5. Terrible Schedulling:

The late-night match in Dubai winter was never advisable. And there was no new technology to remove dew. Secondly, the Indian matches were on Sunday so that they get high TRP and too much money from advertisement. The BCCI thinks about this. There were a lot of gaps between two important matches and Pakistan teams played three matches in just 9 days. So we can say that in this tournament money plays an important role rather than Indian team performance.

6. Opening stands:

The opening stands between KL RAHUL and ROHIT SHARMA against Pakistan was totally flop. They did not play SHAHEEN AFRIDI very well. Rohit out LBW against Pakistan and Pakistan teams knows where they deliver a ball to Rohit and were successful in that. Against New Zealand, ROHIT did not open up and Ishan Kishan and KL Rahul open and Trent Boult again took Ishan early and the same thing happens.

opening stands
India Campaign in T20 World Cup 2021: Opening stands

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7. Virat Kohli Diwali advise:

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli advises on Social Media not to burst crackers and save the environment. However, many peoples and users did not like this message and they troll Kohli on this. The users also said that why Kohli did not give the same message on Eid and on Christmas. Why only on Hindu festivals.

This controversy also affects the Indian team very much and these small controversies make a big impact on important matches like Pakistan and New Zealand.

India campaign in T20 World Cup 2021: Troll Advise


Here we can see the end of the Virat Kohli era in the T 20 World Cup and the Indian team going forward and we see a new captain in the T 20 World Cup. Maybe Rohit or KL Rahul will be the new captain of the Indian team.

Rahul Dravid will be the new coach of the Indian team and we can see the last match of Ravi Shastri as an Indian coach in the International matches.

India Campaign in T 20 World Cup 2021: Coach Ravi Shastri

We can see the Indian team at the next level once Rahul Sir joins the team. We expected many ICC trophies under Rahul Dravid coaching.

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